About Us

The voice, the face, the name, Oh Khalil! I'm just his mother, Khadijah. Khalil became a local sensation when the video of him solving the rubrik's cube at only three-years-old went viral. He is known as the "boy genius"( Thanks to WKYC-Cleveland) three-year-old boy who solved the Rubrik's Cube. 
Oh Khalil, Ltd. is best known for the infamous Potty Time Watch that assist families with toilet training. The Oh Khalil brand became popular in the Cleveland Metropolitan area and has worked with well-known Childcare organizations such as The Centers for Families and Children and The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland also known as CEOGC.
We've recently started expanding and will be offering clothing and gear for families.
I want to continue assisting families like us with the tools to be successful in everyday life. Parent to Parent and Child to Child. It's nothing like having your own village!



Khadijah & Khalil